Apple iPhone 5 Pictures, iPhone 5 Invisible Phone Picture

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iPhone 5 this is going to change everything all over again. See iPhone 5 Pictures, which is going to change your life via new technology. It is said the whole phone will be transparent like a sheet and fully touch screen optimized but then where the camera goes? Some statement iphone 5 will have a seprate camera which can be connected at times when you want to capture something and other says the camera is also a transparent lens making the iphone 5 fully transparent.

iPhone 5G New Features:

* It’s invisible
* Float in mid-air
* Can be small or larger as you wanted it to be
* Very advance texting method (telepathy)
* High resolution face-to-face picture
* MSRP US$800

Apple iPhone 5 Picture


Apple iPhone 5 Picture and Video

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    When I phone 5 apple will be comes to india

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    dear Hi i am happe cantact for you.

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