Justin Bieber Fake Syphilis Rumor

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Justin Bieber Fake Syphilis Rumor: Justin Bieber Syphilis Rumor is Fake and it seems that the internet is overflowing with hoax to make the people search on the internet for false report. The last time the internet had Justin Bieber dead. After Justin Bieber’s and the Twilight couple death hoax, now buzzing is Justin Bieber syphilis gossip. Some people even demanded that they have seen the pictures of Justin Bieber’s syphilis on CNN, but hell no, Justin Bieber is not dead and is far-off from getting that sexual transmitted disease.

Although this is the sixth time for Justin Bieber to be falsely rumored, he had never been suspected of having syphilis or any other STD before. The first five gossips reported his death and arrest, which also turned out to be false!

There are rumor of him getting into clinics and seeing doctors who refused to say anything about his syphilis issue, but getting into hospitals does not necessarily means that he is having an STD, right? And every professional doctor knows that giving information about his patient is just illegal.

As much as you hate it, Justin Bieber is not having syphilis or herpes or chlamydia, because the rumor is just a libelous rumor initiated by a user on 4chan.org. Instead, Justin Bieber lately was caught having a vacation with Kim Kardashian in Bahamas and they were seen playing on the beach together. Now tell me who would dare to do that with such a little faggot with syphilis on his tool. Let alone Kim Kardashian.

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3 Responses to “Justin Bieber Fake Syphilis Rumor”

  1. mia stagner says:

    i thought justin was gay becuase of his voies

    • mia stagner says:

      well now im wrong seince i’ve seen the movie it’s cool i’ve also went to a consert ang hug him and he grabed my ass

  2. jessie griffin says:

    jb eatin dorritoes to calm dat syphilis down

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