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Karen Owen PowerPoint Presentation, Karen Owen PowerPoint Leaked, Duke University. Karen Owen decided to create a PowerPoint presentation about her sexual escapades during her time as a student at Duke University. In the 42-page document, entitled ‘An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics,’ she details her sexual exploits with thirteen men — most of them Duke lacrosse players — including their names, photos, and ranking their performance between the sheets on a bar graph.

Each man is called a “subject” and her sexual encounters with them “data collection.” She also divulges locations in which the intimate behavior took place, such as the university library and vehicles — many times in a highly inebriated state.

In the PowerPoint presentation, Owen writes “Senior year and college in general often bring about certain situations that result in the seeking of so-called ‘sex.’ Until now, no studies have succeeded in developing a methodology for quantifying and ranking these so-called horizontal academics. In this study, we used data from four years at Duke University to create evaluation criteria for such encounters and applied these criteria to evaluated subjects.

Owen told Jezebel that she never meant for the show to go viral; since it has been posted she has gone into virtual hiding.

Some Duke students are less than pleased by the report’s infamy. In a letter to the Duke Chronicle, Alyssa Granacki wrote,

“…the overall glorification of Karen Owen’s PowerPoint and the implied sentiment that it was an act of sexual liberation equates “shattering the glass ceiling” with humiliating members of the opposite sex. Why should we congratulate Karen Owen for subjecting men to the objectification, embarrassment and harassment that women have fought against for years?”

Legal blog Above the Law questions whether or not Owen will be subject to lawsuits based on the number of incriminating details revealed in the PowerPoint, comparing Owen’s situation to that of blogger Jessica Culter, who detailed her exploits on the blog Washingtonienne — and was sued by one of her paramours.

The presentation gives rather intimate details of her sexual encounters with the men, which took place in places such as cars and even the Duke University library. Although some people may see the funny side of it all, these men didn’t agree to become part of a bar graph or pie chart.

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