PTCL Launches 10 MB DSL Broadband

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PTCL Launches 10 MB DSL Broadband

PTCL Launches 10 MB DSL Broadband. PTCL has introduced a new 10 Mbps Broadband package on 10/10/10, This package is in addition to its existing Broadband packages. The New 10 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 9,999 / month with unlimited download. Current PTCL Broadband packages are;

  • 1Mbps at Rs. 1,199
  • 4Mbps at Rs. 1,999
  • 6Mbps at Rs. 4,999
  • 8Mbps at Rs. 6,999
  • 10Mbps at Rs. 9,999

On the other hand WorldCall, one of PTCL’s rival, is providing 10 Mbps Cable Broadband in rupees 8,000. But it’s only available in selected areas – where as PTCL’s DSL coverage spans almost all over the Pakistan.

PTCL’s Delivery of highspeed broadband services remains a question mark – as company’s old infrastructure, particularly in far flung areas, may not support this much of data transfer rate. Only cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi having new FiberOptic lines may support 10 Mpbs data rate.

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  1. NEHAL KHALID says:

    PTCL is getting MAD as they don’t have Fiber Optic in All Places which supports 4MB and More So people don’t convert to 4mb if u don’t have good pairs or Fiber Optic Installed.

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