PTCL Student Broadband Package Promo Extended

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PTCL Student Broadband Package

PTCL Student Broadband Package Promo Extended. PTCL Broadband Ramadan sales promotional offer is being extended till 31st October 2010. All new subscribers with student package will get incentives in following two categories:

?Category 1

PTCL will Sponsor Rs. 100,000 as educational expenses to 50 students applying for a PTCL Broadband Connection till October 31, 2010.  This promo is for all existing and new broadband student package customers. The 50 lucky students will be selected via a transparent process of a lucky draw after the end of the promo period i.e. 31st October 2010.

Category 2

Anyone applying for a PTCL broadband till October 31, 2010 can also apply for one free easy learning card. This promo is for all new broadband customers.

Internationally recognized easy learning card that has an actual worth of Rs. 4000. This easy learning card will provide them with an opportunity to acquire an internationally recognized ‘online ‘certified qualification to help further their careers in the international market as well.

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