True Blood Season 3 Episode 10 “Fresh Blood”

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“True Blood” Season 3 Episode 10 was aired and like its previous episodes, this week also “I Smell A Rat” was able to receive wide response and attention from its audience. However, the immense craze and popularity of Bill-Sookie love saga has made the audience search for the online streaming of the next episode “Fresh Blood” which will be aired on HBO next Sunday, August 29. The audience is already scrambling on web to catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated episode and as the online preview shows, it seems that lot of mystery will be unfolded next week and the subtitle clearly promises more bloodshed in episode 11.

“Fresh Blood” is directed by Daniel Minahan and the wonderful story is written by Nancy Oliver. In next episode Jessica will be seen confessing to Hoyt that she drank human blood. Last night’s episode saw Bill warning Sookie of her inevitable danger as she is a part fairy and Eric locking her up in the dark dungeon for her safety. In “Fresh Blood” the audience will watch Bill’s words coming true as King Russell will kidnap Sookie while she is with Bill. Sam will accept his darker side and isolate himself from everyone. Lafayette will be seen struggling with new enemies.

Jessica seems to have made her decision as in the next episode she will be seen romancing with Hoyt. Holly will help Arlene to solve her problem. Alan Ball created “True Blood” follows a systematic format where every episode ends with a suspense which leads directly to the next. The audience is now eagerly waiting for the next episode to watch their favorite characters on television

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